Corporate Training In Coimbatore

At English junction, We offer corporate training to those companies desirous of elevating the performance of their employees. The training can be customized according to the company, be it a manufacturing concern, marketing concern, call center concern, and Indian offices of MNCs.

For organizations requiring constant interaction with other countries and correspondence with overseas clients, our training will equip the employees with the required vocabulary and writing and speaking skills. For those organizations interested in elevating their communication levels to international standards can avail our programs.

Programs can be designed with recommended areas of focus like business English, answering emails, and preparing reports and any other specific requirements. Soft skills can also be included in the program, if so desired by the clients. Personality enhancement and interacting abilities are all determined by the standard of communication i.e. the language, which in turn determines the quality of service rendered to the customers. Hence it goes without saying that training plays a major role in an organization’s service levels. With proper training programs even an organization with minimum employee strength can perform more competently.

On many occasions customers are lost by organizations because of miscommunication or lapse of communication. This is mainly due to the fact that employees, especially new recruits have no proper exposure to the language. Hence they do not know how to adapt their communicating style to suit different situations like attending clients meetings, handling complaints, telephone etiquettes and interaction with their seniors. As a result the overall performance of the organizations suffers. This can be set right only by giving quality training to the employees.

We at English junction, are well experienced in the needs of different organizations, and hence our programs are extremely effective in a short span of time. Remarkable changes can be seen in employee’s performance once they attend our training programs. Our programs use the latest technology and hence learning becomes easy, interesting and understandable to persons even with minimum or nil exposure to English.

Why English Junction?

With English junction we can customize your selected programs. We assess the candidates and based on their requirements and support both fast with choice of timings.
English junction also provides special weekend batches based on the students requirements. We also support Sunday only batches for job goers who only weekend support.
English junction also supports very fast track courses for programs like IELTS and PTE for people with very little exam preparation time. We can accommodate fast track training requirements.