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Communicative English Training - Level 1 : For Whom

For those from vernacular / Tamil medium background with minimal or zero exposure to English can benefit the maximum from this course.

For beginners who have a working knowledge of English but have serious problems with grammar while speaking and writing.

For those lacking even in minimum vocabulary ( meaning & words) required for Day-to-day requirements of English both professionally and socially.

For school students looking for improvement in communication skills and for better performance in school & competitive exams.

For college students seeking to do better in interviews at campus as well as for professional communication in the organizations they are about to get placed.

For working professionals having difficulty in communication both in correspondence and for inter office communications, like drafting reports & emails, preparing for meeting with higher officials and for communications between branches and other offices and other clients.

Communicative English Training - Level 1 : Course Content


CONSISTING OF 10 UNITS Covering the Parts of speech from Noun to Tense with explanations in both vernaculars as well as in English.

700 minutes of tutor sessions comprising of all aspects of learning with tips on the confusing aspects of English.

250 vocabulary exercises starting from noun till tense with focus on sentence formation.

200 minutes of conversations in the form of listening to video tapes including interview sessions for those starting their careers

6GD SESSIONS - For developing and honing speaking skills.

100 INDIVIDUAL SPEAKING TOPICS . Learn English in Coimbatore , with EXPERT TUTOR.

First of its kind program that teaches Spoken English through Tamil English through Tamil (Vernacular) Language classes conducted in vernacular

Stimulation to speaking through video tapes demonstrating the usages of verbs and other aspect.

Tutor presence available throughout the program.

Communicative English Training - Level 1 : Teaching Methodology

Unique English coaching methodology of grammar rules and lessons and the means to apply what is Learnt in the form of exercises.

All the lessons have vernacular (Tamil) as well as English explanations with tutor presence also.

Grading for self assessment. Vocabulary is built into the program, Students learn more

Than 5000 words by the time they complete the course in English Junction

English Language classes cover all aspects of the language.

More than 50 situational English conversations for fluent English

Learn the art of using the dictionary effectively

Communicative English Training - Level 1 : Duration

Duration : 2 months

Regular Class Timings : 9 AM to 8 PM

Sunday batches available.

Sunday Batch Timings : 9 AM to 1 PM

Options available for full time - Can be customized (Crash Course) / part time (Regular Course).

Communicative English Training - Level 1 : Program Highlights

Over 800 minutes of Listening videos

For the first time English classes are taught using Tamil language in English Junction.

Builds confidence and focuses on vocabulary which helps the individual in speaking sessions

Lots of videos, images based lessons For better understanding and pronounciation improvement.

Spoken English