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Business Certificates, also known as Business English Certificates (BEC), are recognized universally in all English speaking countries as a proof of ability to communicate in the required level in business environment. You can give yourself a vital advantage by making sure you have the language skills that employers are looking for.
Certificates are developed in accordance with the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR) – the internationally recognised system for describing language ability.

Business Certificates feature three certificates that provide a progressive way to develop and improve Business English ability, and make it easy to prove to employers the exact level of your English skills.

  1. Business Higher
  2. Business: Vantage
  3. Business Preliminary

Employers value and rely on Cambridge English: Business Certificates because they are a thorough test of all four language skills (reading, writing, speaking and listening) in a business context.

Once you have earned a Cambridge English certificate, you hold one of the most valuable English qualifications in the world.

Training features @ English Junction:

  • International standard material for practice.
  • Use of technology makes listening practice on par with exact examination standards.
  • Adequate numbers of exercises in each module given to the student till he/she measures up to the required band level.